Pappi's Story

Robert Jones, founder of Pappi’s Planet, was and still is, a horrendous artist. The entirety of his artistic talent is found in his Lil Pappi’s. He began drawing Pappi’s in elementary school art classes as a way of giving himself something unique to share. Coupled with his poor penmanship, Robert’s rare form of color “confusion” (color blindness) created a recipe where drawing or coloring wasn’t accepted in the same way as his fellow classmates. Thus, he drew Pappi’s. He drew Pappi’s everywhere. Christmas cards… Pappi. Yearbooks… Pappi. Doodles in class…Pappi.

His love for drawing Lil Pappi has stretched more than two decades to the present. As a published author, many readers of Robert’s books shouldn’t be surprised to see a Pappi as a signature when he signs. Now, Pappi can finally give back to the world through Pappi’s Planet. As a silly creation that promotes diversity and uniqueness in our talents, Pappi’s company strives to do things differently. Everything has a purpose, and everything should stretch further than just buying a product. Pappi’s Planet allows you to shop freely knowing that each sale provides something wonderful for our very own planet.

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