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We have limitless potential to create amazing projects that benefit our world! I’m Robert, an author, researcher, developer, animal rescuer, green business innovator, and cancer survivor. I develop projects that make a real difference in our world. I have been given a second chance at life, and intend on paying back this opportunity tenfold.

Entrepreneurship with a Purpose!

My company, SmashParks, Inc, has now finished the development of Smoggle Smash. A fun and free tapper/tower defense game, Smoggle Smash saves real-world land into conservation while users play. The app even allows users to log on for the sole purpose of our conserving land through our SmashParks Initiative. SmashParks is all about daily activities that have a purpose and allowing entertainment to mean something greater for the world at large. Smoggle Smash is the first step of many that allow a daily routine to have a great impact on our world. 

 My other business ventures focus on green innovation and making a difference to the world. One of my companies, a green equipment profit share, estimates a saving of more than one million gallons of gasoline through its various operations. In addition to green-focused companies, I have also taken a historic 1820’s tavern on the verge of collapse and completely restored/renovated it. Thousands of documents, and relics of historical meaning, have been preserved in museums and library collections. Additional plans are aimed to produce projects in history and archaeology. 

My Writing

 I love to write fiction and have had two books accepted for publication. Gargaphia: Where History Means Murder is available now in paperback or kindle format. This is a suspense thriller that takes the reader on an unexpected ride where studying the past can bring about a devastating future. Staterus: The Sons of Time immerses the reader in a fantasy journey where fallen heroes are conjured to use their newfound magical powers to balance a world teetering on destruction. Both titles are pieces of their own series. 

  Academically, my research focuses on ancient military history. I am published in ABC Clio’s Conflict in Greece and Rome: The Definitive Political, Social, and Military Encyclopedia. I give lectures on the Greco-Persian Wars and am currently undertaking my PhD at the University of Newcastle in NSW Australia. My research will take me for field work in Greece scheduled for June of 2018. There, I will use a combination of drones and geophysics to discern markers from the ancient Battle of Plataea. I have also lectured heavily on multiple business topics, where I hold a degree in corporate finance, a certificate in strategic marketing, and an MBA. My primary concentrations are entrepreneurship, sustainability, marketing, green business, and management. I prepare lectures and give consult through WREN, but also work with the public and multiple nonprofits at no cost.

 My personal farm, Tilted Tavern Animal Sanctuary, acts as a safe haven for several animals rescued from dire circumstances. Cows rescued after bouts with bloat or coyote encounters as calves, a lame horse taken from a rough situation, and a chicken taken from abuse highlight the rescued animals on the farm. My wife, Dr. Brooke Jones, and I have also fostered and gotten proper homes for nearly a dozen other domestics, and are heavily involved in the sponsorship of senior dogs at rescues, where we provide all the costs associated with their care. 

My Rescue

My Nonprofit

My co-founded nonprofit, Wildlife Resources and Education Network (WREN), has taken part in rescuing over 2,000 injured and orphaned wild animals since the spring of 2015. WREN also educates at no cost, speaks at venues on proper human to wildlife interactions, has taken part in hosting two symposiums for the education of wildlife rehabilitators, donated thousands of dollars toward the care of injured and orphaned wild animals, developed a large volunteer transport network, and developed a free-to-use app. 

 The Your Wildlife Counts App allows users to count deceased animals along the road. Users can make a small pledge per animal so that their life can mean something and go toward the treatment of another injured animal within the same location. The data from Your Wildlife Counts will eventually help us identify areas of concern along the roadways where we can possibly help in the prevention of so many animal deaths. 

I am constantly thinking of ways that produce sustainable projects that provide a positive impact on the world. Help me by spreading awareness of our many projects and causes! 

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