Welcome to the SmashParks Initiative. SmashParks is an initiative to make everyday activities such as shopping or entertainment matter for the greater good of our world. As a shopper, your role is simple. Buying our merchandise saves real land. Shopping at our partner locations saves real land! 

The SmashParks concept was dreamt up in November 2016 as a way to allow the passions of gaming and entertainment to stretch further into positivity for the world as a whole. Designs quickly commenced on mobile gaming concepts that could encapsulate such a dream. 

Early in 2017 SmashParks, Inc was formed to manage the gaming project, now called Smoggle Smash, as well as manage the properties conserved through the new SmashParks initiative. Smoggle Smash spent nearly eight months in design and development before being ready for its soft launch in October of 2017. Over the next few months, players from around the world competed for the right to name the very first park, a 1453 acre property located in West Virginia.


After gaining the interest of so many players, SmashParks decided to expand its reach. Upgrades to Smoggle Smash are ongoing, and players can expect to see increased offerings in the game in the spring of 2018. In addition to Smoggle Smash, SmashParks has begun development of two very exciting programs that will allow even more people to take part in the expansion of their parks. Businesses and individuals are both implored to make their transactions last forever in the positivity of the SmashParks Initiative. For each transaction an Official SmashParks business partner makes, one inch will be conserved in the real-world parks. Businesses are advertised by SmashParks and the partnership can illustrate to a customer-base how their products or services act as something greater than just a sale. Individuals can subscribe to SmashParks, and the various subscriptions will act as entry into the parks once certain areas are open to the public. As the initiative grows, SmashParks hopes to bring beautiful, useful, and conservation-minded parks to areas all around the world.

Check out our current projects involving conserving land, our Drink Greener Initiative, and more!      

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